Extended Warranty Information for Car Buyers

If you own a used car that is more than 5 years old chances are you dealership or manufacturers warranty has expired. That means your car is not protected if an important part fails or breaks. An extended car warranty will cover the cost of repairs on major and minor parts, so you don't have to pay out of pocket to get your car fixed. Get a FREE, No Obligation, Extended Auto Warranty Quote in Less than a Minute!

An extended warranty will help you save money on repair costs and it can also help out in a jam. Some extended vehicle warranties will cover towing, hotel stays and rental cars. They are a great thing to own, especially if your used car dealer doesn't offer a very good warranty.

The easiest way to get an extended vehicle warranty is to get a quote online from a reputable warranty company. This quote will show you how much the coverage costs. In some cases it will only be a few dollars a month, and it will cover all repairs on important car parts like the drive train, brakes and rotors, fuel pump and any other parts you choose.

Are Extended Warranty Plans Flexible? Luckily, extended car warranties are very flexible. Today you can choose from a range of options and terms, paying for only the repairs you want covered. You can also get a complete bumper-to-bumper extended warranty for a very reasonable cost. Check out extended warranty rates online first to help you decide. It is free, carries no obligation and only takes a few minutes. Get a FREE, No Obligation, Extended Auto Warranty Quote in Less than a Minute!

Types of Extended Warranties for Cars

The major types of extended used car warranties include bumper-to-bumper, which cover all repairs, power train warranties that cover the drive train, or single part warranties that cover the transmission, brakes, feul pump, alternator or other parts you choose. Each warranty coverage is priced right, to pay for the repairs you want covered.

Things to Know About Extended Car Warranties

  • The different types of coverage available (transferable, non-transferable, etc.)
  • The types of warranties available (single part, multi part)
  • Pitfalls to avoid like overpaying, and buying non-transferable warranties on older cars
  • Prices, quotes and costs
  • Limitations of coverages
  • Additional perks and benefits in your coverage.

If you need an extended warranty quote, now you can get a quote here. You will find rates on all types of extended warranties and it will only take a few minutes. Find out how much the extended warranty costs so you can start comparing prices and see if it is the right decision for you.