What is on a Vehicle History Report

Did you know a free VIN check can give you important information about a car's history? A free VIN check is a great way to do a fast check on a car you are interested in buying. An absolutely free VIN check tells you whether or not a car has been stolen or a salvage title has been issued. It is different from a Free CARFAX Record Check which tells you how many instances have been reported on your vehicle.

A free VIN check is absolutely free and there is no cost involved. To get an absolutely free VIN check take down the car's VIN number and then enter it into this VIN check form.

Locate your car VIN # on the car door frame, at the bottom of your windshield, or from your insurance card or car registration. Car VIN numbers are also listed on major car classified sites. You can copy the VIN right for the webpage.

Once you have your car VIN# go to our VIN check form then enter it into the box. You can immediately receive an absolutely free VIN check. It will be emailed to you and is available for download.

This easy VIN check form allows you to check multiple used cars. So, bookmark the page and return to check multiple VINs as you search for a car. You can then buy a car report to find out if the car has been in an accident, or had regular oil changes. Also, find out if the car's mileage is accurate.

Just enter the car VIN number into the appropriate box on our free VIN check form today and find out what you need to know.

If you prefer, get a Free CARFAX Record Check as well. This will tell you how many reports have been made on your used car.

A fast and free VIN check is a great way to learn about any used car fast. It's easy and absolutely free.