How to Get a Free Vehicle History Report

A free vehicle history report is useful if you want to learn how many reports have been made on a used car. It can be obtained through one of the major car reporting companies.

An absolutely free VIN check tells you whether or not a car has been stolen or a salvage title has been issued. It is different from a CARFAX Record Check which tells you how many instances have been reported on your vehicle.

You can get a vehicle history report for free from many of the top car report companies. Don't be mislead however. It is not the same as a free VIN check (which only states whether the car was stolen or salvaged) and it does not contain complete information about the car. It may tell you how many reports have been made on your vehicle. However, it won't tell you what those reports are.

If you are trying to decide whether or not you need to buy a vehicle history report, then this is an excellent option. It is free and will help you decide whether you need to spend money on a car report. If you see there are several reports on the used car then you can choose to buy a complete car report.

Get your used car's VIN number (on the windshield or inside door rail) and just supply your VIN to the car report service of your choice.