Check Your Credit Score Before You Buy

If you are planning on buying a new or used car the most important thing to check before you hit the dealer's lot is not the blue book value, but your own credit score.

The reason is lenders use this score to determine the type of loan you can qualify for. That determines the type of car you can buy, because the loan type changes your payments significantly. You can always keep on top of your credit score with Equifax Score Watch

Keeping track of your credit score takes time and money, but with a program like Equifax's Score watch it is easy. You'll always know what you score is and you'll be able to fix problems before they even become a problem.

There is nothing worse than being turned down for a loan because of identity theft or an incorrect report on your credit, but it happens all the time.

With a program like Score Watch you won't ever have this problem. You will be alerted to erroneous reports on your credit when they happen, so you don't have to find out the hard way, like when you are standing in the finance office at the car dealer, or applying for a home loan.

Monitor your credit and prevent identity theft from ruining your credit score. Get Equifax Score Watch Now!

There is no better feeling than qualifying for the right loan, with a low interest rate. That's extra money in your pocket every month. But if something happens and your credit score drops significantly you could be shocked to find out you can't even qualify to get a loan.

When you know your credit score you can also take control of negotiations and save money. Here's how... a dealer will offer you financing at a decent rate through a lender that they are paid a commission to sell loans for. If you have a strong credit score you can tell the dealer you know you can do better with your credit from your own bank. You'll be surprised to see them offer an even better loan that they had to "pull some strings" to get.

With a better credit score you can also get a better car. A lower interest rate always comes with a higher credit score, and that means you can spend more. So, get Equifax Score Watch today, and monitor your credit the easy way.