What is on a Free NICB VIN Check

An NICB Vin check is really free. It can be obtained right on the NICB (National Crime Insurance Bureau) website at http://nicb.org click here. This is the same information used by car dealers and insurance agents. It will tell you whether a car has been stolen or salvaged. It does not list accidents or other car history information.

The good news is a free NICB VIN check will help you buy a used car. It is one place to start your due dilligence. The other is to simply order the complete car report, or a free car report from CARFAX. Get a Free CARFAX Record Check

The NICB VIN check lists information collected from all the major insurance companies on each and every car on the road. The NCIB collects this information in a database and offers it free to the public as a service. Anyone can enter their VIN number into this database and immediately find out whether the car with that VIN has been stolen or junked (salvaged). The results show up on your computer immediately.

The NICB keeps track of stolen cars and insurance claims on totaled vehicles. That is how they have this information. The service is different from a free VIN check through Auto Check, or a free Car Report from CARFAX. These VIN checks list all the reports made on a certain vehicle, including salvage titles and theft. Get a Free CARFAX Record Check right now.

If you want to get a fast VIN check, visit the NICB website and just enter your VIN. If you want to find out how many reports have been made on a certain car including maintenance checks, accidents where the vehicle was not totaled, and other damage reports, order a free VIN check from Auto Check or get a free CARFAX report. These free reports show you how many other incidents besides theft and salavage have been reported on yoru car. They are also free of charge.